Quick Facts

  • Must be four years old by September 30
  • Must be potty-trained
  • 1:7 Teacher to Child ratio
  • Teachers: Angela Agee, Liz Boenau, Colleen Jacoby & Carla Davenport
  • Classes & Tuition:
    • 3 day - $285/month ($2565/year)
    • 4 day - $345/month ($3105/year)

Class Description

Our four-year-old classes prepare children for kindergarten by teaching foundational academic and social skills and fostering self confidence and independence in a nurturing, age-appropriate, play-based classroom. While we work to prepare the children for kindergarten, our first and foremost desire is to point them to Jesus and teach them that God loves them dearly.

Four-Year-Old skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Language & Communication: speaking clearly, listening, expressing feelings, following directions
  • Self-Help: cleaning up after themselves, bathroom independence including zippers/buttons
  • Emotional: express emotions using words, follow rules and routines, seek and accept help when needed
  • Social: sharing with others, taking turns, obey teachers, talk & play with friends
  • Physical 
    • Gross Motor: balance while spinning, walking a straight line
    • Fine Motor: hold and use scissors, crayons, and pencil correctly;  cut along a straight and curved line
  • Music: listening, rhythm, creativity
  • Art: colors, creativity, exploration of different mediums
  • Cognitive
    • Literacy: listen to stories, identify characters and main events of a story, identify rhyming words, recognize/write/learn sounds of all letters of the alphabet
    • Math: count to 20+, one-to-one correspondence of numbers to 5, patterns, matching, measurement
    • Science: magnets, mixing colors, three forms of water, what living things need, weather
    • History/Social Science: people are alike and different, communities, community helpers