Quick Facts

  • Must be three years old by September 30
  • Must be potty-trained
  • 1:6 Teacher to Child Ratio
  • Teachers: Jennifer Hirt, Melinda Winterhalter, Robinnette Wrobel, & Marti Shelby
  • Classes & tuition: 
    • 2 day - $225/month ($2025/year)
    • 3 day - $285/month ($2565/year)
    • 4 day - $345/month ($3105/year)

    Class Description

    Our three-year-old classes offer a nurturing and safe environment for children to be exposed to and work toward mastery of age-appropriate skills and concepts through play and exploration and develop friendships. Above all, we want to point the children to Jesus and teach them that God loves them dearly.

    Three-Year-Old skills include, but are not limited to:

    • Language & Communication: speak clearly, listen, express feelings, follow directions
    • Self Help: clean up after themselves, bathroom independence, cover mouth when coughing
    • Emotional: express feelings in a healthy way, build on success to increase confidence
    • Social: share with others, take turns, obey teachers, talk & play with friends
    • Physical 
      • Gross Motor: jump in place, balance on one foot, throw & catch a ball
      • Fine Motor: hold scissors and crayon correctly, cut along a line
    • Music: listen, rhythm, creativity
    • Art: colors, creativity, explore different mediums
    • Cognitive
      • Literacy: listen to stories, predict end of story, sequence, repeat simple rhymes, write and recognize letters in name
      • Math: count to 10, shapes, simple patterns, matching, big/bigger & long/short
      • Science: five senses, plant growth, magnets