Every Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Location: WEPC Room 810, 9008 Quioccasin Rd, Richmond, VA US 23229

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current class:

The Life of Jesus
April 7-June 30
9 AM / Room 810
Join us as we study the life of Christ. Using videos from the twentieth century theologian R.C. Sproul's "Dust to Glory" series, we will examine the moment in redemptive history when the second Person of the Trinity revealed Himself to His people in the most profound way. 

Past Classes:

Easter 2024 Devotional
March 31
9AM / Room 810
"What was Jesus doing on that cross?"


Addressing Abuse in the Church
February 11 - March 17

9 AM / Room 810
"Of all bad men, religious bad men are the worst." - C.S. Lewis
A six-week study of different kinds of abuse in the church: from spiritual abuse to domestic abuse to sexual abuse. Joe Brown will lead us through a study of the 2022 PCA Paper on Abuse, as well as Michael Kruger's 2022 book, Bully Pulpit. Come learn how to protect against abuse, how to help victims of abuse, and what Scripture has to say about this issue. 

February 11, 2024 Addressing Abuse 1 Handout Podcast Audio
February 18, 2024 Addressing Abuse 2 Handout Podcast Audio
February 25, 2024 Addressing Abuse 3 Handout Podcast Audio
March 3, 2024 Addressing Abuse 4 Handout Podcast Audio
March 10, 2024 Addressing Abuse 5 Handout Podcast Audio
March 17, 2024 Addressing Abuse 6 Handout Podcast Audio